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South of Eden

There won't be a witness if we both fall.

12 November 1989
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Hi. My name is Michelle, and I have a problem. I'm obsessed with Supernatural, have somehow become the fandom's unofficial expert on Mark Pellegrino, and am currently working on writing a book that has nothing to do with the previous two points. I'm also the person responsible for the Supernatural versions of the Charlie The Unicorn videos, and I'm using this opportunity to apologize to everyone I've scarred. If I Haven't scarred you yet, prepared to be terrified.

I'm double majoring in English (Writing) and Religion in a Podunk town that fortunately has Wal-Mart and a couple of three-screen theaters. I hope to be a published author some day, and am already busy working on my first book.

That was really boring. Here, have a gif.