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Did y'all ever see a video called Charlie The Unicorn?

It's that day, peeps. The anniversary of the best day of my life. Sad, I know. I'm gonna assume that that's until my wedding. Or, you know, until I have kids.

*And if that isn't the dirtiest sounding cut I've ever come up with, I don't know what is...*

Anyway, lots of fun stuff in this post. For those of you that are new to my Flist and don't know, on November 11th, 2007, at the Chicago Creation Con, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles did a panel at breakfast where Jared mentioned looking on Youtube for the Supernatural Season 1 gag reel. Then he inexplicably segued into talking about how he'd found a Supernatural version of the video Charlie the Unicorn. And the rest is history.

Why does that make this the best day of my life? Becuase that day (the day before my 18th birthday) made me famous. I made the video. I took clips from Super and synced them up (poorly) to the audio from Charlie. And then I did it (much better) with Charlie 2. And to commemorate, I've made a new treat.

So here we go, a trip down memory lane in links (I'm really hoping Super!Charie can hit 100,000 viewers by the end of the day, so send it to your friends if you haven't already).

Supernatural Charlie The Unicorn

Supernatural Charlie The Unicorn 2

Super!Charlie Icons

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Supernatural!Charlie: The Remix!

Super!Charlie Remix (Anniversary Edition)

Thanks for feigning he enthusiasm, guys!  Happy Super!Charlie Day! (And Veteran's Day!)
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